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Chester Antiquary 2001 Issue 2 (Autumn/Winter)

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Chester Antiquary 2001 Issue 1 (Spring/Summer)

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Chester Antiquary 1998 Issue 1 (Spring/Summer)

A Standard for Pottery Studies in Archaeology

Has now been published, click here to download a pdf copy.

This document was compiled by the three period-specific pottery study groups (PCRG, SGRP, MPRG) grant aided by Historic England with the aim of creating the first, comprehensive, inclusive standard for working with pottery from archaeological excavations. The Standard is intended for use in all types of archaeological project, including those run by community groups, professional contractors and research institutions.

The Standard covers the various stages of an archaeological project from planning and data collection through to report writing and archiving, with the intention of informing not only pottery specialists but also those who manage and monitor projects.

The Windmills and Watermills of Wirral: A Historical Survey

By Rowan Patel. Pbk 263 pages – 220 illustrations. Countywise Ltd 2016. ISBN 9781910352106. Click here to download a synopsis. Available directly from the author Rowan Patel ( for £19.95 + £3.50 P&P.

Mapping the Medieval City: Space, Place and Identity in Chester c 1200 – 1600

By Catherine Clarke. University of Wales Press 2011.

This ground-breaking volume brings together contributions from scholars across a range of disciplines (including literary studies, history, geography and archaeology) to investigate questions of space, place and identity in the medieval city. Using Chester as a case study ? with attention to its location on the border between England and Wales, its rich multilingual culture and surviving material fabric? the essays seek to recover the experience and understanding of the urban space by individuals and groups within the medieval city, and to offer new readings from the vantage point of twenty-first century disciplinary and theoretical perspectives.

Normal price £48; exclusive 20% discount for members (£38.40, plus £ p&p).  Download an order form here.
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Conference to celebrate 30 years of World Heritage site status for Stonehenge and Avebury

This conference will be held on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November 2016, click here for more information

Recent Roman discoveries in NW Wales

CAS lecture by David Hopewell (Gwynedd Archaeological Trust/Ymddiriedolaeth Archaeolegol Gwynedd) on Saturday 3rd December 2016 at 2:30pm in the Lecture Theatre of the Grosvenor Museum.  For more information visit our lecture programme page

A Standard for Pottery Studies in Archaeology

has just been published, click  here for more information and access to a pdf version of the document

BBC Earth website article: Great Orme Bronze Age copper mines

Click here to download this interesting article which uses some information from an interview with Alan Williams