Officers of the Society are referred to in various places in these pages according to their responsibilities. Here for your convenience they are listed together.

President: Dr Paul Booth FRHistS
Vice Presidents: Peter Carrington, Dan Garner, John Hess, David Mason, Janet Axworthy
Chair: Dr Tom Pickles
Vice Chair: Dr Katherine Wilson
Honorary Secretary: Clare Dudman
Honorary Treasurer: Dr Hugh Bray
Honorary Journal Editor:  Dr Peter Carrington
Honorary Membership Secretary: Dr Hugh Bray
Honorary Newsletter Editor Andrew Reynolds
Honorary Media Producer: Julian Baum
Honorary Excursions Co-Coordinator:  Pauline Clarke
Honorary Excursions Co-Coordinator:  Kelly Griffiths
Honorary Librarian:  Jennifer Maddock
Honorary Publicity Officer: Andie Byrnes
Honorary Webmaster:  Julian Baum
Members of Council: Rowan Patel, Ian Candlin, Jane Hebblewhite, Elizabeth Montgomery

Distinguished Members of the Society
Dr Peter Carrington
Roy Coppack

The Society’s Building Committee outside the entrance to the newly erected Grosvenor Museum

The Rev W Massie, Rector of St Mary on the Hill in Chester, who founded the Society in 1849

Robert Newstead (1859-1947), Professor of Entomology at Liverpool Museum and leading figure in the Society between the Wars