Geophysical Survey of the Holt Roman Tile and Pottery Works

Geophysical Survey of the Holt Roman Tile and Pottery Works, 2018 by Chris Matthews, John Cubitt and Paul Hinchliffe (Journal of the Chester Archaeological Society ns 89, 2019, 71–83)

In connection with the ‘Hidden Holt’ exhibition at Wrexham Museum, which runs until 22 January 2022, we are making copies of this article available online until 13 February, free to read and download.

The exhibition brings together a selection of finds from the excavation of the Roman pottery- and tile works  at Holt between 1907 and 1915. It is over a century since they were last on public display in north Wales. The geophysical survey by Archaeology Survey West and Holt Local History in 2018 corrected the locations of many of the buildings as shown in the original excavation report of 1930 and revealed new areas of activity. The revised plan takes pride of place in the exhibition.

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