The Fieldwork Group offers members an opportunity to take part in primary archaeological research and to acquire the relevant skills. Whenever possible, projects are carried out over weekends and public holidays.

Fieldwork Activities in 2023

There is a fieldwork opportunity from Monday 28th August-to Friday 1st September

The Poulton Research Project is offering a maximum of 10 CAS members field work experience working on mostly Iron Age and Roman features.

Volunteers must be over 18, have a good level of mobility (to cope nature of the work and the terrain) and will need to commit to volunteering for the full week (the working day is 10am to 4pm)

If you are interested please contact Dr Kevin Cootes e-mail

Fieldwork Activities in 2021

The lockdown means that there are currently limited opportunities for volunteering on archaeological projects. Hopefully, as we emerge from the lockdown, community excavations will begin to reappear. In the meantime, the Clwydian Range Archaeology Group (CRAG) are planning a geophysical survey and archaeological excavation. The dates are as follows.

Sat 29 May – Fri 4 June
Geophysical survey at Bryneglwys (a site near Ruthin with mounds which initial assessment suggests are prehistoric)

Sat 17 July – Fri 13 August
Excavation at site on flank of Moel Arthur ( the intention is to excavate the area between the paleo-channel and the ‘burnt mound’ structure)

If you are interested further information is posted on the CRAG website:

Fieldwork Activities in 2020

Fieldwork was suspended due to the pandemic restrictions

Fieldwork Activities in 2019

The Poulton Project offered the opportunity for members of Chester Archaeological Society to excavate on an extensive Iron Age and Romano-British landscape between Monday 17th – Friday 28th June.

Desk based Research

We are also making good progress writing up our desk based research.  Janet Cooper has produced a report on her assessment of some medieval documents relating to field ownership over time, including a late 13th C extent and two fifteenth century documents.