Officers of the Society are referred to in various places in these pages according to their responsibilities. Here for your convenience they are listed together.

Chairman: Ms Janet Axworthy
Acting Honorary Secretary: Ms Janet Axworthy
Honorary Treasurer: Ian Candlin
Honorary Membership Secretary: Hugh Bray
Honorary Newsletter Editor: Dan Garner
Fieldwork co-ordinator: Dr Kevin Cootes
General email address:

Please send correspondence to the acting Honorary Secretary:
Ms Janet Axworthy, 4 Old Chester Road, Ewloe, Flintshire CH5 3RU.

The Society’s Building Committee outside the entrance to the newly erected Grosvenor Museum

The Rev W Massie, Rector of St Mary on the Hill in Chester, who founded the Society in 1849

Robert Newstead (1859-1947), Professor of Entomology at Liverpool Museum and leading figure in the Society between the Wars