Prehistoric Lancashire

By David Barrowclough. History Press (formerly Tempus Books) 2008
This book is the product of a number of years of research into the history and archaeology of the local area, particularly the early history of Cheshire and Lancashire, beginning with the first hunter-gatherer groups about 10,000 years ago. It includes new research on the archaeology of the area, including the excavations at Manchester Airport and Tatton, where evidence of early settlement was found. The book also includes evidence for the early Bronze Age burials found at Grappenhall and Winwick. Of particular interest are thirty recent radiocarbon dates from the burials, which give new insights into changing burial practices through the late Neolthic and early Bronze Age. There is also osteological evidence, based on studies of the cremated bone, from which it has been possible to determine the sex/age of the person buried. This evidence has also shed new light on the associated burial goods. Other chapters deal with the Bronze Age metalwork finds, such as the Congleton Hoard and stray finds revealed by farmers and metal detectorists; and with the Hillforts, including Beeston Castle.
The book, which costs £19.99, is available from  Amazon, or from local bookshops. It can also be ordered directly from the author. Please send a cheque payable to: Dr David Barrowclough, Fellow in Archaeology, Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, CB3 9BB.