On Chester On: A History of Chester College and the University of Chester

By Prof Emeritus Graeme J White. Pbk. xiv + 353 pages. Chester: University of Chester Press 2014. ISBN 9781908258199. £14.99.

Although there has only been a University of Chester since 2005, its predecessor, Chester College, dates back further than most UK universities, having been founded in 1839. This books celebrates its 175th anniversary in 2014. Its story is a remarkable one of survival and success. The early college was a pioneering venture and it still houses the first buildings in England specifically designed for the training of teachers. However, it came near to closure three times, only to emerge intact and stronger than before.

This fascinating book tells the little known story of one of Chester’s major institutions. For information on how to order see http://www.chester.ac.uk/node/25540.