Gorse Stacks – 2000 Years of Quarrying and Waste Disposal in Chester

By Richard Cuttler, Sam Hepburn, Chris Hewitson and Kristina Krawiec.  iii+197 pages. Oxford: Archaeopress. (BAR Brit Ser 563)  2012. ISBN 9781407310015. ISBN 978140731001538.00.
The site of Delamere Street lies just outside the north gate of  Roman and medieval Chester and in recent years has been subject to intensive investigation as part of the Gorse Stacks development. This publication represents the culmination of the investigations carried out by Birmingham Archaeology during 2006 and 2008.
The excavation produced evidence for another probable Roman legionary, G(aius)
V[al(erius] | Pud[ens] | Maceia (tribu), who inscribed his name on the base of  an orange ware jar (from Holt?) before it was fired in the late first or early second century. delamerestreet_r_graffito_g4_web

The nomen Valerius is frequent in Italy and southern Gaul and is typical of legionaries in the early empire, including Roman Inscriptions of Britain 1,  478?80, 539, 541 and 542 from Chester. The cognomen Pudens is also common, again including L(ucius) Valerius Pud[ens] from Chester (RIB 1, 542).  (After R Tomlin, pages 65?6).